10 Crazy Pictures Taken Just A Second Before Disaster

Looking for some pictures to make your day and give you that much needed laugh? Scroll down and take a look at these crazy photos that might make you feel lucky about your life.

10.Disaster On Its Way


This girl might have given her widest grin in front of the camera however this action ball came in and gave her that not-so-happy look.

9.Sun Bathing With Water


This sexy lady was having the best day of her life as she works on her tan outside their lawn however this crazy mister is such a spoiler as he spilled water on her back!

8.Frothy Soda + Man On Wheels


These kids terribly wanted to drink their soda however they were not prepared for this sweet
This man was having the time of his life except when his motorbike literally broke down. Oh boy! What an embarrassment especially if there are hot chicks around.

7.Mid Air Flip


At first everyone were impressed but when this guy was in mid air, the crowd couldn’t keep their mouths closed praying for his safety as he lands.

6.Pick My Nose + Nauseous Dog


Imagine your opponent picking your nose so that you couldn’t dunk that ball, quite annoying right?
The owner was surprised to see her doggie giving her a big wet vomit.

5.Prepare For a Big Splash


This pilot was in for the biggest surprise of his life! A bucket full of water as he strikes a pose.

4.Just A Piece Of Cake


Just when you thought eating a cake was just a piece of cake. Look at this photo and think again!

3.Tiny Bubbles


Ohh he looks adorably cute with that natural rosy cheeks of his! But the burst of bubbles suddenly stole the scene!

2.Attack Of The Goat


This girl was trying to do a jump short but was unprepared when the goat tried to attack her!

1.Sliding Down + Book Sabotage


This poor doggie surely didn’t enjoy the slide.
Just when you thought you are having the best day so far suddenly a book appeared out of nowhere and attacked you right head on.