10 Hot Girls Photoshop Fails If You Don’t Know How Do It-Don’t

Hot girls can help us have a better day and we have to admit that anyone of us is interested in seeing something beautiful. But some of them go the extra mile in order to make a wow effect. That extra mile, you guessed, is Photoshop editing.

We live in a digital era and plastic surgery has definitely fallen on a second position. Why endure physical pain and months of recovery when your body can look great in just a couple of seconds. And there is always the “undo” button, a luxury many celebrities which went under the knife could not afford. Of course, having your photo photoshoped by experts can lead to excellent results, but not everyone has the time and resources to acquire that solution.

In many cases, the editing is done by some noobs which have just a couple of tricks under their sleeves. The negative consequences are often hard to spot by an untrained eyed, while there are some instances where the result is obvious and ridiculous.

This compilation has assembled 16 hot girls which failed terribly at hiding their Photoshop interventions. We are talking mostly about ruined backgrounds which point out exactly to the areas where the nasty things happened. Far from judging the ethics of what is being done with these shots, we are more concern about the technical aspects.

We will take some of these photos for further research purposes and we will try to get down to the bottom of the mystery. Who is the girl in the picture and who did the Photoshop part.

10. Bigger is just better


There is clearly something wrong in the photo. I am not talking about the girl, which seems brought from a fairy tale into reality. The problem is we are not sure the bust size depicted here matches the reality and we don’t want our readers to be disappointed.

As far as we can see from the comfort of our computer monitors, the girl asked someone to stretch up her breast. Wait, we forget to add, “in Photoshop”. It is quite easy to see that something fishy happened there. The left arm also look a bit odd. Long story short, the girl is wearing tons of make-up on a beach day, so we can start by presuming that she likes to “enhance” things visually.

Even the right side, which our team of Photoshop specialists failed to spot, bears the mark of some rounding up.

9. With a little help from Photoshop


The two girls are really happy with showing off their curves and thin waist. But anyone familiar with the possibilities offered by the latest versions of Photoshop knows that there are a couple of tools and tutorials directed at addressing such “flaws of the human body”.

We can bet the girls look more than ok with in their normal versions, but they clearly wanted more. But no fast editing is able to walk away without leaving some clues behind. In this case, the floor decorations seem to fall victim to the initiative of the digital artist. We can even imagine the conversation:”Yes, you can have a thin waits, but that will ruin your tiles”, with the girls crying in one voice “Make it happen!”

When you put hot girls and Photoshop fail in the same context you end up with puzzling conclusions. Disappointment is just one step closer.

8. Work that photoshopped a** girl!


This girl here is trying too much to impress and get herself in the spotlight. Although we like what we see, we know that most of it isn’t real. Last time we checked, they don’t make curves in bathroom doors. It’s a typical case of liquefying and warping the pixels so that they go in the right direction.

The girl looks confident enough when taking this selfie. She even has tattoos. But our trained eyes cannot be fooled by this mistake, which is a clear sign of lack of experience. We bet the girl looks just fine without rounding up the parts, but peer pressure is definitely pressing hard.

There a slight possibility we are doing a big injustice here, and the shot actually captured a distortion in the fabric of space-time, an ultimate proof for Einstein’s general theory of relativity.

7. Hot girl with scary fingers


Some girls have a unique ability, they attract everything around them. Yes, mainly they attract boy’s attention, but, from time to time, even wooden fences are caught by the invisible gravity. In this shot here, the girl exhibits a typical distortion of the space-time continuum, which allows her to bend the once horizontal frame.

We don’t know how the girl looked like before this Photoshop miracle, but we can assume she was not looking bad at all. Many lives are ruined when the desire to impress gets out of control and when clumsy hands arrive at the keyboard. Blending in with the background is not hard to do and the first rule of thumb is to pay respect to the straight lines, which should remain straight once your job is completed.

Our professional opinion is that the girl has the potential to look great without the Photoshop part, and, if our message reaches to her, we recommend some yoga and other exercises.

6. We really wanted to believe that this was real


When things are too good to be true, you should always start to look for clues. In this case, everything was positioned in front of our eye. Yes, it took our members of the technical team some good minutes before they were able to look to the left and to the right of the focal point of the image.

The perfection of her curves almost got away with the prize when abnormal things started to emerge. We can say that the road guys always to a bad job but it wasn’t the case this time. Assembling so many curves into a single part of the shot certainly needed a lot of warping and pulling.

The result is something great, but with an awful background. Although we are convinced girls like exist somewhere in this world and walk like this on the streets, it was not the case here. Our fantasies were put on hold by too much Photoshop.

5. We know what you did


Nothing new here! Barbie hired someone unskilled to play in Photoshop and we can all see the results. The floor carpet got a small wave, curving also the wall. It happens, and is beyond control. Or is it?

We all know that when you work in Photoshop, you can always make a back-up of your initial image and use it at the end to repair things. But we are convinced that there is a building somewhere in China where kids under 10 years old are the victims of forced labels.

I think they are the ones doing this poor Photoshop jobs, playing with straight lines and all the laws of physics. The blonde doll has definitely something better to do than to check her shots for errors. Of course, she checks if her waist looks thin enough to make everyone wonder, but she has no interest in what is around her.

4. She needs to work on her Photoshop skills


We really like the girl’s smile caught in this shot and we hope from all of our hearts that at least that is natural. As for the rest of the shot, we have serious doubts, as basic rules of architecture are not in effect. Again, someone is really pissed off by straight door lines.

We begin to suspect that a door manufacturer is releasing this kind of shots in order to promote the idea that most of the doors are very bad. If we will see a single straight door, we can bet we will have a sticker with the business name and website.  We don’t know what caused this mass obsession regarding thinner than normal waist lines, but we might assume that the craze started somewhere between Hollywood and a plastic surgeon’s cabinet.

But liposuctions are always easier and less painful in digital form. You need just a bit of compressing the original pixels and pulling the surrounding pixels in.

3. So big that they bends the curtains


“Welcome to breasts heaven” might be a good title for this shot. But then we look closer at the door frame and realize that we are actually in Photoshop hell. Yes, there is a place like this for the guys unable to do a proper Photoshop intervention without making the doors or the walls look curved.

With all the digital editing, we still hope there is something natural in those breasts, although by the size and firmness we can assume real-life Photoshop (plastic surgery in popular culture) has been done. And we can see that a lot of filling material was taken from her left hand, which is looks strangely thin.

Although a lot of harm was put in effect, we would like to see more photos of this girl in order to evaluate more correctly her true potential. The girl is skilled in taking selfies, as we are not able to see the flash or disturbing elements in the background.

2. It’s hard to focus on the photoshopped part


These two girls look attractive enough to make our job a living hell. How are you supposed to find curves which shouldn’t be there when our eyes are stuck on the curves which have all the right to be there?

Despite our continuous fascination, we remember to look at the door and the reality hits us in the forehead. Yet again, someone has ruined our fantasies by leaving signs of the editing work done there. Not regarding how much we would have wished for that thin waist to be real, it is not.

Someone make it look that way by squeezing pixels one in another. The process is called liquefaction, and it clearly affected places outside the girl’s body. As gravity pull affects all bodies in range, the blonde to the right has fallen victim of the same effect. Her waist also looks a bit too thin compared with the rest of the body.

1. This fail goes well with the – “this is all natural” face


We told the guys doing the research to stop pushing for photos of Barbie as she is just a doll. But they insist this is not Barbie, but a real girl, which apparently didn’t had enough dolls to play with in her childhood and decided to become the doll she never had.

We have a hard time deciding where to begin our analysis. From the start, we notice that the breast produce a curvature of the space –time. Nothing wrong there, as our high school physics reminds us that big and heavy objects are able to do that due to gravitational waves.

But then we manage to move our eyes higher on the photo, and we come face to face with a guidebook of plastic surgery. Lips, cheeks, eyebrows, all are done and re-done to look according to the plastic doll. We do hope that she doesn’t have permanent make-up, although we are convinced she never takes it off.