11 Amazing Pictures Taken At Just The Right Moment

A great shot often steers away from the convention established in the world of photography. Of course, everyone likes a crystal clear shot, with the right amount of focus on the main subject, and with enough background blur. Many photographers can take pride in taking photos like this maybe once in their lifetime.

There is a saying which puts photos above words:”One picture is able to say a thousand words”.  We can extend the comparison even more and say that one video is able to say much more than one video. Whether there is a video or not behind these spectacular photos, they would definitely serve to cast light on what exactly happened outside the impressive frame.

Taking amazing pictures like the ones you are going to see can be considered the result of talent or just the result of taking the shot at the right time. It is definitely easier to rely on luck, and trying to much can leave you empty handed.

We can safely say that the best images are the ones that we take accidentally.  Most beautiful moments can be taken and we are not even aware of it. Check these 12 amazing images taken in just the right moment and decide which one you like the most.

Try to figure out if you can come up with a better explanation for what happened just before the shot and what happened immediately after. Our theories might fall short of taking all the angles in consideration.

11. My precious


A squirrel reaching for a peanut can sound like a plain and boring scene, but if you add true emotions to the scene everything becomes more dynamic and more engaging. The small furry animal makes no effort in concealing the fact that it is obsessed by any type of food flying through the air. We are not sure if this photo inspired Smeagol from Lord of the Rings, but the resemblance is there to be judged.

The squirrel eyes are big and focused, and its claws are ready to grab the unsuspecting victim. National Geographic should leave behind the traditional hunting scenes taking place in Africa and focus on this life-or-death battle between the predator and its prey.

This photo probably changes the whole way in which you looked at squirrels. Will you pet the next one without having a voice in your mind saying that this is suicide, and that you can end up without your hand?

10. Give me a kiss, pleaseeee


We all know what led to this photo. You bumped into one of your friends from high school. If she doesn’t stick her smartphone out to show you one million boring photos with her baby, you can rest assured she has become a pet owner.

We all know what led to this photo. You bumped into one of your friends from high school. If she doesn’t stick her smartphone out to show you one million boring photos with her baby, you can rest assured she has become a pet owner.

9. Snow veil


Credits: Imgur

We are not sure what physical phenomenon is behind this strange looking photo, but we can bet it has a lot to do with winter and water. Last time we checked, haircuts did not go so bold and white has failed to impose itself as a trend.

Nevertheless, if this goes viral, we might expect this trendsetter from the middle of nowhere to leave behind his anonymous life and take some steps in the spotlights, claiming all the glory and attention.

All of our efforts to trace the place where the photo was taken produced nothing more than the conclusion it was somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere. The image is not as sharp as we like and it is clear that the man behind the focus was inexperienced or maybe just shocked by his inspiration to trigger the shot at the exact moment.

8. Do you mr. Owl take this women…


Normal wedding photography stays clear of occurrences like this one. But normal wedding photography costs some extra bucks and adding that an already inflated budget might not seem quite a good idea. We have to say thank you to the one inspired (or not) enough to not delete this photo.

Hogwarts is definitely missing one of its owl but we are not sure if any messenger got lost at this wedding. Our bets go on the assumption that this was just a normal owl, a bit bigger than normal and a big too curious about the event taking place in its forest.

We don’t know how many from the audience took this as an omen, but it sure looks like the groom was stolen the center stage. Some might go even a step forward and say that maybe owls are now replacing the traditional white doves, in an attempt to bring wisdom in marriage.

7. Salute the cannon


Credits: Imgur

The Canadian flag, flying mid-height, shows us that Canadians surely know how to have fun, even at military ceremonies. Although everyone is dressed to impressed and has all the formality required by the event, this photo was taken just before mass hysteria hit the crowd and generated continuous laughs.

Of course, men in uniforms did their best not to join the fun, and only when the next shot produced a normal looking smoke, did everyone manage to clear their throats and resume the somber and boring tone of the ceremony.

The photo quickly became a sensation, although many voices began to judge the size and aspect ratio. In their minds, the smoke shape is a bit too short and stocky. Women flooded the forums claiming that their husbands have better ammunition than it was shown at the military ceremony. Discussions about size, about what is normal and what is not, quickly steered away from the topic

6. Don’t touch that!


Credits: Imgur

An old parenting advice states that you should always keep an eye on your children, especially when you are in a public space. The foreground of the photo, showing the average couple smiling for the camera, leaves little room for showing the drama unfolding in the background. Lucky for us, the shot was triggered at the right time to catch the maximum emotion possible in one shot.

We are not sure how the waiter dealt with this clear sexual abuse. We can only imagine him naked in the shower, leaving the water flow over his disgraced and dirty body. He probably cried a lot before letting the moment pass. A normal day doing a routine job quickly became a nightmare once everyone witnessed the way the children embarrassed him.

Except the parents, who showed no intention in believing what happened behind their back. Nevertheless, a generous tip was left on the table at the end.

5. Can you fly like this!?


Credits: Imgur

This photo might seem strange for us, but the bald eagle was actually executing a controlled backside flight. For the symbol of such a powerful nation, engaging in procedures derived from military training makes the routine of each day.

Of course a lot of people in the Pentagon were not happy with this photo made public in the online environment. They quickly released a statement in which they claimed the photo was the result of Photoshop manipulation and that bald eagles are not capable of this maneuver.

Some of them were already with their hands on the “weather balloon” theory, ready to release it to the press. Fortunately, someone was wise enough to leave that for the cover-up of bigger cases. A wise guy argued that it is enough to rotate the photo 180 degrees in order to make it look normal, but he was quickly showed the door.

4. Run!


Credits: Independent

Gravity was never too comfortable for those reaching a certain height in the air. For those underneath, it was never a success story. This photo was taken at the right time in order to show us that horse riding ca have its ugly parts.

Or maybe someone forgot to switch between the sports and take on the right rules. The jokey still had his mind stuck in the unfinished chess game and forgot that horses are not supposed to jump in real life.

He would probably get away with the move without attracting any penalty from the referees if it was for the sudden realization. The popular saying “to fall from a high horse” should be amended to include the version “to fall from a flying horse”.

We don’t know what happened with the man directly underneath the horse, as photos of moments after were never released to the public.  We can only presume that are more useful for anatomy guidebooks.

3. How did you get here!?


Credits: College Humor

There is no secret that professional swimmers rely on good body flexibility in order to get away without injuries, but this photo clearly defies any logical explanation, as the human body rarely allows such extreme positions to be reached.

The photo itself reveals not only the strange leg position, but also the surprise of the swimmer. The temperature of the swimming pool water can decrease pain sensitivity, but we are sure that she felt something was wrong and decided to take a look.

We are not experts in human anatomy, but the leg should point the exact opposite direction. Reaching that height above the head is a dream come true for any ballerina, and a nightmare for any other sportsman.

This photo forces us to assume strange theories we are not quite proud of. Maybe the leg belongs to the background of the shot or maybe it belongs to someone else executing a strange swimming routine.

2. I believe I can fly….


Credits: Imgur

From what we have been taught about the animal kingdom, sharks are not able to fly. But this photo showing us a great white shark mid-air comes to deny that conclusion. As this image was released online, everybody grabbed a copy of the Sharknado movie and re-watched it.

Considered by most a bad horror movie, and even a comedy, IMDb released a public statement in which the movie was moved to the documentary section. The argument was that it was able to depict facts with high accuracy and increase awareness over one of nature’s best kept secret.

Flying sharks have become a routine on beaches all over the world and they even emit a now casting weather forecast when the phenomenon gets out of control. If one photo was enough to end speculation and prove once for all that conspiracy theories were right, we expect other myths to gain the confirmation they deserve this year.

1. I will bite you, I swear!


Credits: Imgur

Wild and dangerous animals have always triggered much more than fascination. Good shots were often triggered in the exactly right time to capture the ferocity and the rage of the killers. This small snake was not promising all of that when he was gently leaning to a tree branch, hoping to get as much warm possible from the sun.

But the persistence of the photographers, and his inability to work around the manual settings of his camera, really pissed off this little fellow.

Probably in an attempt to shout “You suck!”, the snake opened his jaws to a record angle, compared to his small and fragile body. Everyone was surprised to see that your average snake has such a bad temper when it comes to photos. Instead of being grateful for the chance of making the cover of famous nature magazines, he showed us a disgraceful open mouth.