12 Dumb Stunts That End Pretty Much How You’d Expect

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the dumbest of them all? No doubt these people give a whole new meaning to dumb. Makes you wonder how some people live to 100.

12.School trouble


So this young gentleman wanted to prove a point when a bunch of young ladies came passing by. It didn’t turn out pretty well as he expected. Better luck next time bro!

11.Failed long jump


When your classmates have so much faith in you. Tadaah! Better warn them in advance to avoid further injuries.

10.It’s Super Spiderman!


So you thought you’re awesome just because you’re wearing the Spiderman suit? Think again!

9The struggle is real


When you thought that climbing the roof was just a piece of cake, take a look at this and know that the struggle is real. Especially if your friend’s butt got in the way!

8.I’m Tarzan!!


You can’t imitate Tarzan, you just can’t! Oops, we hope that this daredevil is okay despite his attempt.

7.Put on your hard hat, please


These two men surely know why it is called hard hat.

6.Electric shock


This guy just had the most incredible spark of his life to date. That is by getting electrocuted!

5.Jack and Jill went up the hill


When you’re riding an elevator, be wary and avoid doing this social blunder! Poor mister.

4.Hot shots, anyone?


This guy literally set himself on fire! Children, don’t do this at home!

3.Breaking eggs on a railway


We just hope this guy’s eggs are still all intact after his stupid act.

2.Heavy fall


Just when you though you will land safely and sound on the water. Think again! Accidents happen.

1.Let’s do something stupid!


Well at least the helmet did it’s job.