12 of the Most Bizarre Tights


Some fashion trends today seem too bizarre. However, we are still interested in it. What do you think of these skeleton leggings?


Bulbous veins are something what women really hate and dream to get rid of them forever. But for someone who doesn’t share this opinion designers offer veiny tights which give rather original effect. They recommend combining this fashionable thing with miniskirts and shorts. So, you will get the unique look when your bulging veins will be shown off.


And what about nude tights? You know, these are just stretchy pants. Take a look at the person’s ankles and arms.


To tell the truth, I couldn’t imagine men’s tights can exist. But they are really popular and well sold. Who knows, maybe one day it will be an integral part of men’s wardrobe. As for me and my friends, we are not fans of it. And what about you?


These extravagant tights come from Japan. In fact, the majority of such weird clothes are from this country. If you can navigate freely Japanese website, you will get them for 2000 Yen or $25. I won’t be surprised if there is a special subculture devoted to these tights in Japan. I think they are quite suitable for the image of a scary doll that came to life or something from C3PO-ish android.


Such Etsy, Inc. Twitter Tights speak for themselves. You can get more Twitter followers if your Twitter nick will be sewn on one of your legs.


We have no idea about this, but some people spend much time on their knees. Actually, we don’t want to think of their reasons to do it at all. However, when we saw Marios leggings with special kneepads we concluded that they tend to clean the floor with them. And that’s why to have kneepads on your leggings is rather comfortable. It’s clear.


Tights from Wallmart.


This is simply an indispensable accessory for those who want to be a mermaid.


Maybe, you would like to have a tattoo, but you are confused by the fact that it will remain forever…

These wonderful tights will be the best choice in such situation. With them you will be looked as if you have a tattoo on your legs, to tell the truth, a very strange tattoo.


Two-tone tights with prints from Gal Stern. Be ready to get one leg black and opaque, and on the other leg you’ll get the flesh fishnet with print of black color.