18 Exceptional Ladies Who Set World Records With Their Unusual Bodies

There’s a tiny group of women that have a little something, a unique condition that sets them apart. What are we talking about, you might wonder? In most cases, this women don’t even have any idea about “it” – this special feature. The following list includes 18 exceptional ladies that will both surprise and inspire you. Let’s roll!

1 – Chanel Tapper

This girl has an unbelievably-long tongue: it’s almost 4 inches long (3,8, to be exact)! Hailing from Houston, she became famous after a video on YouTube. Since then, Chanel has been participating in all kinds of trendy events. According to this smiley woman, she’s always been happy to show that huge tongue to the others, which means she’s living in harmony with her own self.

2 – Ericka Ervin

AKA “Amazon Eve”, this fitness trainer is the tallest model on the planet. As a transgender who’s 6 feet 8 inches tall, she had to go through countless struggles to find her true self inside this unusual body. Recently, she managed to combine a healthy lifestyle with her profession and turned into a successful model slash trainer slash motivator.

3 – Ann and Claire Recht

These girls are officially registered as the tallest twins on the globe. Each girl is 6 feet and 7 inches tall, which has been causing a lot of problems for them. For example, finding just the right clothes that fit is a pretty big deal. Back when they were kids, the classmates used to think that they were much older and didn’t belong, or, rather, didn’t fit anywhere.

4 – Juia Gnuse

AKA “The Illustrated Lady”, this gal is a sight for sore eyes. With a whole bunch of tattoos that cover almost every single inch of her body, she’s a celebrity in her own right. In fact, she’s known as the most tattooed girl in the world. This isn’t just a silly hobby: a few years ago, this woman developed a rare condition called porphyria. It causes the human skin to blister; the ink allows her to cover it all up.

5 – Aimee Mullins

This incredible athlete is an inspiration for many women. Aimee was born with a horrifying condition that took away both her legs. However, with a heart of a lion, she managed to overcome all the difficulties and find her true calling. As the first amputee to be a competitor in the NCAA, she deserves our highest praise. Mullins is a wonderful example of dedication and motivation. She proves that you can do pretty much anything if you want it bad enough.

6 – Jyoti Amge

Yes, she’s tiny. In fact, Jyoti is the smallest lady on planet Earth. Born and raised in India, she has a form of dwarfism that makes her stand out among the regular folks. And even though she’s nice and friendly, Jyoti hates it when people pick her up like a little child. With a height of 23 inches, Amge is, indeed, a one-of-a-kind woman. Just imagine how different she feels from the rest of us!

7 – Elaine Davidson

Please welcome the most “pierced” woman in history – Elaine Davidson. She was born in Brazil but now lives and works in Scotland. So, how many piercings do you think she has on her body? The total amount is 9,8K (that’s 9800)! But since Elaine is a fan of experimenting, she’s constantly switching it up and adding new makeup, ink, and, obviously, piercing. That means she might be totally different the next time you see her!

8 – Natasha Veruschka

Did you know that some people swallow swords for a living? Well, now you know, and Natasha is one of the best to ever do it. She’s the proud owner of quite a peculiar record: Veruschka swallowed more swords simultaneously than any other lady in the history of mankind. The total number is 13, and it’s kinda unbelievable. Currently, the heroine lives in New-York and is doing a series of new shows. Make sure to check her out if you’re nearby!

9 – Abigail and Brittany Hensel

At first, you might think that there’s nothing special about these girls – they’re just like the rest of us. They love to go shopping, have fun, and gossip about guys. At the same time, the Hensel sisters are conjoined twins, and that’s what sets them apart. They have one body, but separate lungs, spines, and other important parts. But there’s an unbreakable bond between these do, and they can almost feel what the other one thinks.

10 – Lyudmila Titchenkova

This 16-year-old Ukranian girl has the longest registered neck in the world. She comes from Nikolaev (a city) and is forced to live with a condition known as the Marfan’s Syndrome. It all has to do with some sophisticated processes in her spine. Thankfully, after a series of successful surgeries, Lyudmila lives a regular life and gets to enjoy every second of it!

11 – Supatra Sashuphan

This unusual 11-year-old kid is known as the girl with the most facial and body hair. She was born in Thailand and has been living under the radar for as long as she can remember. The bullies at school and everywhere else turned her life into a real struggle. The Ambras Syndrome is what’s causing the extensive hair growth, and even lasers failed at helping her.

12 – Natalia Partyka

As far as the most famous table tennis players in the world go, Natalia is definitely in the top-3. With only one arm to swing with, she’s a natural-born champion with an incredible talent. In the Olympic Games, she managed to win both gold and silver medals! She proves that nothing’s impossible in this life and all it takes to be great at something is hard work.

13 – Asha Zulu Mandela

Dreadlocks are nothing new these days, but the ones on Asha are truly worth checking out. They are officially known as the longest ones in the world – nineteen feet and six inches long!  Originally from the picturesque Trinidad Tobago, she’s been living in New-York for the last 25 years. Whenever her massive hair gets wet, it becomes a heavy burden for Mandela.

14 – Pixee Fox

She looks like a comic book hero, right? But Pixee is a real woman! With the smallest waist on the planet, this Swedish lady didn’t listen to the concerns of the doctors. To become so slim, she had to get rid of a couple of ribs, which puts her life in danger. Furthermore, she wasted 80K on plastic surgery, striving to become a true heroine. She does look the part, but was it all worth the struggle, though?

15 – Longest Fingernails

Christine is not your average woman: she has the longest fingernails out there and has turned them into a work of art. Back in 2013, their combined length reached 7.3 meters! She’s currently residing in Las Vegas and it’s safe to say that the city that never sleeps is just the right place for her to show this unusual “talent”.

16 – Largest Hands

Duangjay’s huge arms weigh 20+ pounds each, which makes her a unique woman. The experts claim that she’s the owner of the heaviest hands in the world. She runs a tiny shop in Thailand and leads a modest life. This condition has been bothering her for more than 2 decades, and it’s still hard. But she’s got many fans around the globe!

17 – Aneta Florcyzk

Yep, this fine dame is the strongest woman on planet Earth. She comes from Poland and shouldn’t be messed with. She lifted her first weight when she was just a 16-year-old girl and has never stopped. These days, Aneta is capable of lifting up to 550 (!) pounds, which turns her into a superstar in sports. Furthermore, she won the title of the strongest woman in the world back in 2005, 2006, and 2008.

18 – Zlata

This beautiful Russian girl is extremely flexible. Her body is astonishingly agile and can create many otherworldly shapes. Zlata can fit herself into a super-tiny 50cm box. These days, the champ lives in Germany. Back in 2011, she set a very…strange record. She opened more bottles with her feet than all the other contestants. Sounds fun, huh?