28 Photos of Nature That Are So Horrible You Hardly Look Through All Of Them

While we stroke bellies of our charming pets, nature desperately invents and produces creatures with bellies you don’t really want to be on the same planet, and also provokes the appearance of unpleasant scenes with their participation. But this is a part of our world that cannot be denied. So we offer you to take courage and to look at a selection of frightening living organisms and real natural phenomena which make you believe in the speedy migration of people to Mars.

28. Nature, you may be so horrible

27. Once upon a time in Rome

26. A frog and a spider

25. And then the frog ate up a firefly. But it still sends signals to the outside world.

24. “My gecko just decided to eat its own tail”

23. A paradise for a spider

22. Take a seat

21.  Dolophones conifera — a kind of spiders which can spread their body along a tree

I don’t want to touch any random twigs any more.

20. The dolphin caught the squid, and now the bloo…ups, the ink mark is stretching behind.

19. This plant looks like a lot of small hands.

18. Spider mommy is carrying her kids to the kindergarten.

17. Millions of fiery ants are swimming along the river after the flood.

16. “This is a frog with 5 paws living in the neighborhood”

15. “We had the floor repaired in our house. Look who got out of its hiding place”.

14. Wrinkling eels are not really associated with anything pleasant.

13. This is probably the biggest scar you have ever seen

12. A needle is in the egg, the egg is in the duck, the duck is in the rabbit, but the frog is in the perch.

11. A bit scaring fish company. Are they looking for Nemo?

10. “Enlarged image of a moth behind my window”

9. These are eyes and teeth of a scallop

8. It seems that these ants want to ask mankind a couple of questions

7. This is a skull of a deer which was in the water for more than a year

6. Something crawled through the keyhole and made a hive in the door handle of the garage

5. This hornet’s nest looks like a hornet’s head

4. These small fish can survive the volcano eruption and on the whole look like the tongue of xenomorphs from the Alien

3. Nothing special, it’s just weed under the waves

2. A skull of pufferfish is really heavy metal

1. A sea leopard is looking at its prey through the curtain of plankton. It’s the ideal antagonist.