8 Of The Most Bizarre Photos You Will Ever See

Are you in the mood for photos that will leave you saying WTF did I just see? That’s what this top 10 bizarre photo list was created for. These 10 photos aren’t the normal type of WTF photos you’ve seen on the internet, you’ve been warned.

8. Andre the Giant’s Daughter


Who knew that Andre the Giant had a daughter? She really filled out to become somewhat of a specimen to marvel at. Her little friend seems to love being at about chest level with her. The giant does have melons larger than the normal sized woman’s head. Was this just a normal house party drinking dat lean? Because this looks like some of the trippiest stuff out there. Is the guy in the background recording the giant or is there someone hiding behind her? Lots of questions need answering.

Number 7 is just all kinds of wrong…click next.

7. Deodorizing


Time out! We need to do a quick deodorization. It looks like they take feminine hygiene super serious in Asia, all the way down to the spray cans of douche sitting on the sidelines. What may have caused the problem to become bad enough to warrant a time out? The opposing team must have filed a complaint against the defendant. In result, they broke out the tackle box and reached in for that sacred can of floral fresh spray douche. The red team ended up winning. After the big W, everyone got sprayed down.

6. The Mom Who Took It Too Far


There’s a HUGE difference between being a bit provocative and flat out creepy. That’s exactly what is pictured here. This drunk girl is either from West Virginia or a pedder in the making. While most of the children are making an attack the little guy goes in for the thigh grab, a future player in the making. Good luck to this family in all their future endeavors, hopefully no one gets harmed in the process.

The next one will make parents cry.

5. Frosty the Snow B0ng


Yah brah, you made a super sweet giant binger out of snow. And what’s that you are packing it with? Must be some old leaves you found on the side of the house from last fall. That’s that kill bro. He does deserve some credit for going for the full on Phil Lesh look. The Grateful Dead, that’s the greatest band of all time right? Super sick frat house too, the older brothers must have been so proud of your ingenuity. It would have been cool if they really did hit that though. That snow piece had the potential to put out a nice fresh cold toke. By the looks, these guys never took a dab or smoked some headie fire.

Number 4 is just gross!

4. Straight Disgusting Feet


Some people don’t have the prettiest feet, but this witch’s feet are the most disgusting in human history. The real question is how does including those raunchy feet in the photo help you sell your shotgun? Considering this is just a witch peddling a shotgun on Craigslist, it may also be the worst sales page ever created. Have fun getting those things back in order, it’s amazing they have survived this long. Hmm maybe the shotgun was not for sale and the inclusion of the feet was symbolic. The world may never know.

Woah, number 3 is out of control…click next to see!

3. 5,000 Piercings


This guy had his skin pierced 5,000 times in 10 hours in order to defeat the world record and for charity. But what were his real motivations? This guy loves the attention and pain. The skin looks straight up gnarly with all those piercings lined up together like that. The methodology was definitely there. They had a plan and stuck to it. Most likely this dude saw how the previous record holder did his piercings and followed suit. Only he topped the previous record. The piercer also looks a little bit too proud of his work as the “Hellraiser.”

The next guy takes things just a tad too far!

2. Dude with Implants


Those are some legit implants dog. These days if you don’t feel like lifting, you can take a trip to the doctor’s office to get some killer implants. He had to learn the hard way that huge muscles don’t get the chicks. You do realize these girls are laughing at you and not with you? Either way, he’ll be sleeping alone ever night rather uncomfortably on his lumpy body. Then the next morning, he will wake up to crash another party. He must do this in order to get his daily shirt off pic with drunk people. At least for him, he has become a novelty in downtown Cleveland.

Hope you’re not squeamish because the next one is a bit gross!

1. The Dog Who Lost Everything


How the heck did that much of anything come out of a dog? It’s surprising the organs aren’t laying on the floor in the midst of that enormous puddle. He did make a full recovery, but who knows what happened to the floor or people around him. That looks like some seriously contagious stuff going on there. The best part is the small pad that had no chance of soaking up that mess. On top of that, they didn’t account for the strength of the projection causing the puke to almost completely miss the pad. Don’t worry pooch, we all get sick sometimes.