8 Pictures Where The Spotlight Was Stolen

We invite you to check each of these 12 photos in which the spotlight was stolen. Some more obvious than others, they all exploit the weaknesses of our minds and eyes. We are naturally attracted of the unusual, of the beauty, or simply of the things which are out of their normal proportions.

Whatever the case, you need a trained eye and a good set of skills to frame and center the photo around that spotlight stealer. You could include solely that in your shots, but the context clearly helps a lot in promoting the differences.

Photos are often given value by the novelty they introduce. A new angle, a new perspective, or using completely unusual subjects, all of that helps in having photos which achieve fame. The Internet will always make room for something a lot of people consider interesting and this is exactly what happened with these 9 shots.

A single photo often tells only a small part of the story. We can bet a lot of you are willing to pay any price to know more about what happened in each of the 12 stories, before and after the shots were taken. We can always blame the cameraman for choosing to make a photo instead of filming for a couple of minutes.

But the photos certainly put your mind in motion, as you try to come up with explanations better and more extreme than ours. The human potential is there and this is just a small introduction on how things can go outside the normal.

8.  WOW!


This photo serves as a good example that when you put “huge” next to big, that “big” becomes “small”. The girls in the picture might seem to act as friends, but the size of their bust is surely putting a lot of difference between them.

Starting from the left, where is nothing inside that bra, and ending in the center, where there is too much, mother nature surely knows how to play with the human body. Of course, for fun bag enthusiasts, there is never enough, but we can agree that too much can do a lot of nasty things to your back. Those beauties certainly add some good pounds to the weight a normal woman is supposed to carry, so it should not be comfortable at all to do basic daily activities.

There is always the possibility of Photoshop messing with our minds eager to believe anything, but the faulty work is lacking here, and there is nothing to point out in that direction. For a good reason, the spotlight is stolen by the lady with an impressive bust.

7. What a nice purple dress…

2 (2)

There are clear and simple ways to ruin wedding photos and every professional taking pride in the way he does the job should know how to steer clear of them. Adding so much purple in the photo clearly put things out of balance and overshadowed both the bride and the groom.

Of course, that purple dress would be nothing without the woman inside it. We can’t decide what the first thing getting our attention. The tattoos are elaborated and they cover the whole left arm in an interesting way. The glass filled with wine is another spotlight stealer inside this photo.

Even the smile is a special one, way better than the one put forward by the bride. OK, let’s be honest. It is the cleavage which brought both us and the wedding photographer to the right side of this frame. There are curves there to create a true and unique 3D effect.

6. ?


This photo would look completely fine without that patch of hair. Someone is certainly neglecting beauty standards or is simply to confident in itself. Whatever the case, all of us (yes, even you fetish guys) should agree that it looks bad, if not even disgusting.

The girl should be informed of the magic a razor blade is capable of doing. And all of that can be achieved with little effort and very little discomfort. We are not sure how the photo managed to leak on the Internet without the photographer at least asking the subject if she is comfortable with. We are entitled to believe that a revenge of some sort was involved.

Nicknames can stick with you for life, and we can certainly see a lot of them attached to this young lady. Although spring is here, vegetation is already blooming and should be taken care of.

5. This monkey is in good company


Seeing happy animals always fills the heart with satisfaction and gratitude. Although the girls might not look attractive by monkey standards, the little guy knows that soft spots are the best. Without the monkey here, we can bet the spotlight would have been shared by the three exquisite beauties.

Well proportioned, and with outfits complimenting their bodies, the models might come from a paradise forbidden to normal people. We cannot explain what the monkey has to do with the shot, but we really appreciate the chromatic contrast. The patch of black attracts our attention, although it takes some time until we are lured there.

4. When the bridesmaid is hotter than the bride


There are many things not exactly right in this photo and the wedding photographer was there to put the spotlight on them. First of all, the spotlight is literally visible in the shot, reflected by the windows. That is a bit unprofessional and just some simple post-processing maneuvers would have been enough to make it disappear.

Second, the couple is stealing the event and all the attention for its own interest. Proposing can be done somewhere else without disrupting a wedding which had already too much happening. Moving one to the background, they are clearly judging the poor guy and laughing at the situations.

Kneeling was definitely not a trend for this year in terms of proposal and he should have known better. Attending wedding fairs would have taught him that the age of keeling is gone. The girl is obviously disappointed by him and I think we all know how this is going to end.

3. Alternative bridesmaid


If some bridesmaids steal the attention by being more attractive than the maid, in other weddings the unpredictable happens. We don’t know even where to begin speculating about this guy and his role in the economy of the wedding. Did he lost an awful bet with friends and has to do something completely embarrassing?

Is he mentally disabled and got lost from the mental institution which was his home? Or maybe this is a bold way of confessing his love and putting a stop to the wedding. Whatever the case, he achieved what he wanted, and he is a spotlight stealer.

Whatever happened next, it is just a bonus to the awkward situation already existing there, and the photographer was there to capture the remainder. We just have to hope that the wedding was not ruined. But judging by the fact that on both sides of the aisle people are relaxed, we can rest assured this was planned and part of the plan.

2. Say Cheese ?


This photo would have been great if everybody would have put the same effort into it. We have no idea what triggered the strange reaction on the women’s face, but we can see how she was maybe forced to star in this shot against her will. Dragging someone against its will to do something never had a high rate of success and the three should have known better.

Nevertheless, the fact the other three are smiling is able to show us that the sabotage meant nothing. We have yet to decipher the semiotic of the hand gesture, as it appears to express affiliation to a secret organization or something similar. It might also be an anti-war form of protest, as the hand is held to the forehead opposite than in a military salute.

Let’s just hope the girls did not get in any kind of problems after posing like and after the shot went viral.

1. Life can be so unfair!


Life is unfair and we all know that. For the girl on the right, posing with her voluptuous friend was clearly too much and she is obviously feeling no satisfaction. In fact, she feels humiliated and she is waiting for the photo session to end.

The photographer put no effort in trying to conceal what the focal point of the shot was. Positioned according to all the rules making for a good composition, the impressive bust receives the right amount of natural light and steals the shot. We have to admit that the girl also have a nice looking face, although it took us some good minutes before exploring that upper part of the photo.

We are eager to see other shots of this beauty and we are convinced that they exist somewhere on the Internet.

For the skinny friend we have only one advice. Either you feel good about the way you look, or do something about it