8 Shocking Things About Australia

All the internet jokes about the dangers awaiting you in Australia are very well grounded.
The land down under was discovered by James Cook. The continent was isolated from the rest of the world and possesses it’s own unique flora and fauna. Everything in Australia will try to kill you. Even that charming old lady next door.

Selected are 11 posts about how crazy Australia can get

8. Crocs Are Everywhere


It’s a fact that Australia is full of crocodiles, and not just regular ones, they get pretty gigantic! This saltwater fella measures around 18 feet long.
The last remnants of dinosaurs!


Crocodiles are often found leaving the waters to go on a little adventure in neighbouring cities. A big gigantic nope!

7. Flying Foxes


These aren’t just regular bats. These are known as “megabats”, spanning over 3 feet in their wingspan. Batman would feel like at home.
I wonder if you can get one as a pet?

6. Snakes


Survival rule number one: look under your toilet seat for snakes!


Look everywhere for snakes, because these guys will catch you off-guard when you least expect it. Make sure to look after your pets when you go for a walk.


This python was found trying to get his way into the plane. Don’t let that evil to escape!

5. Sharks


Surfing is dangerous. Surfing in Australia isn’t recommended at all. The amount of sharks swarming the waters of land down under is ridiculous. Be mindful when you’re going after an easy swim experience too.

4. Giant Jellyfish


This doesn’t look appealing at all. Just when you that sharks is the only thing you have to beware in the water. Some of the jellyfishes found at the coasts of Australia are deadly poisonous!

3. Poisonous Octopuses


Another huge nope on the list. Despite being all pretty this octopus has a very strong venom that causes death in 2 hours. There is no known antivenom to treat the poisoning.

2. Fire Tornados


If you thought that animals is the only threat to your life in Australia you are about to be shocked. How about this, a fire tornado? A fre*king fire tornado. Even the nature wants you dead!

1. People


Another crazy thing about Australia is its people. They won’t necessarily try and kill you (except that grandma next door) but they (people) get pretty peculiar often times.