What Were These 9 Dogs Thinking? The World May Never Know.

Sometimes dogs do the funniest things that we will never understand. Their doggie brains just do not think like humans. The best part is when people capture ridiculous doggie moments on camera. Did these dogs forget how to be dogs?

The Joker



He knows how to give a wink and a smile like no other dog before him. Smoke and a pancake anyone? What instigated him to do this move? Someone inside must have been teasing him. To get the teaser back, he decided to smear his slobber all over the glass while looking into the teaser’s eyes with that demented smile. He really gave Jack Nicholas as the Joker a run for his money in this shot.

Give Me Food Now



This dog is a skilled hypnotist that tells you to give him treats with his mind. The photo was posted by a local dog rescue and created a bit of stir. People think a dog mated with a loaf of bread to create this strapping young man. In reality, he has trained himself his whole life to make this face. Once he knew it would get him a treat, he decided to use it every time in order to get what he deserves.

The Pug Who Knew too Much



This little pug is the ultimate acrobat. How many times have you seen a dog do a handstand? On top of that, he adds an extra effect by relieving himself at the same time. This is the ultimate move. If you watch closely not one drop gets on him. The next job for this little guy is the main act at the traveling circus. Best of luck to you young pug!

Utter Dishevelment



This photo could not have been timed any better. The most mysterious part about it is the purple suit. What is that exactly being used for? Some describe this dog as two faced. Give it a long look. You will see that half of his face is almost normal while the other is in complete dishevelment. Don’t worry he made a full recover less than a second later and returned to his cute doggie self.

The Man with a Plan



True acts of genius are rarely found in nature, but here you have it. The dog was able to negotiate in his mind that the balancing act of crossing this bridge is easier with two legs instead of four. Was he trained? Or was this his first time? Either way the dog is ahead of the pack. Who can resist rewarding that excitement once he completes the course? Someone get this man a biscuit.

Help My Dog is Tied in a Knot?


Can you find this dog’s head? It is rather difficult, but if you look closely it’s somewhere in there. It’s even hard to tell which legs are the front and back. The owner must have been in a state of shock when he or she found the dog laying like this. The dog literally looks like it was broken and then tied into a knot. Unbelievably the dog was comfortable and 100% unharmed. If dogs did yoga, this guy would be the master.

The Nugget Master



What happens when you feed a dog chicken nuggets? Exactly what you see here is the answer. Crazy, deranged faces are born while the dog is in a state of intense excitement. This is also the closest you will ever get to seeing a living breathing version of Scooby Doo, but instead of Scooby Snacks he feasts on nuggets. It has been reported that the owner looks and dresses like Shaggy.

Boar vs Dog



This may be the most petrified dog face in the history of dog. The epic battle occurred when a friend’s dog was introduced to the head of a boar. The dog was ready to fight until he looked into the eyes of the raging boar. At that point, he became confused, scared and was left in a state of utter bewilderment. The dog has since recovered, but his life will never be the same. Remember dogs do dream.

Sleeping or Frustrated?



It’s hard to tell if this dog collapsed in a state of exhaustion and landed in perfect balance with its head on the well or if it is banging its head against the wall in a state of frustration. Either way this is definitely some strange dog activity. One theory is that this dog has a built-in stud finder that allows him to find spots for the owner to hang their favorite shelving.

The New Way to Sit



Yet another pug getting silly. The way these little guys can contort their bodies is actually kinda amazing. This dog has been hitting the weight room hard mainly focusing on shoulders and traps. Now it is hard for him to sit like a normal dog. All the protein powder and PEDs in his daily diet have turned him into a super dog. In 50 years, all dogs will have learned the way of the pug and sit like this.