A Synchronized Swimmer Was Caught On Camera In A Strange Pose. Photoshoppers Came Into A Game And Added Some Madness To It

Once a strange and hilarious photo appears on the Internet, it immediately becomes viral and flies across the World Wide Web. Of course, Photoshop lovers cannot pass by and add even more insanity to the photo to have fun and make everyone laugh. Today on the agenda here is a picture published in the stock photos database gettyimages.com by JanMonkeycola, where Spanish synchronized swimmers raise one of the sportswomen over the water. The girl has a rather unusual pose and a very self-explanatory expression on the face. We cannot help admiring physical abilities and endurance of athletes, but Internet users won’t miss a chance to smile. The photo was published on Reddit, and here we go!

Photoshoppers could not pass by this picture and decided to arrange a battle

And what came out of it

15. Silent Hill Synchronized Swimming Team

14. The same team at their own training base

13. This is not our synchronized swimmers. They are strangers.

12. Call for an exorcist

11. A mad swimmer. A race of fury.

10. A typical situation at a rock concert

9. And then the girl found a company

8. And here is a shape of water

7. Someone was very impressed by the expression on her face. The author decided it would be suitable for an unsatisfied bride

6. A facial expression s just right for the situation.

5. Some people thought there wasn’t much insanity on stock photos

4. A synchronized swimmer from Cloverfield

3. A battle with a boss

2. Amazing sea creatures one could imagine

1. Well, the most wonderful creature we left for dessert. Enjoy! (If you can)