The End of the World: 7 Places in the World Where the Adrenaline is Going Up

Take a ride on the swing over the abyss, dine above the clouds and get into “the house of the gods” — all of this you can do in the places, chose for you.

7. Beachy Head, East Sussex
The huge chalk cliffs with a height of 162 meters and is located near Eastbourne. The summit offers stunning views of the coast from Cape Dungeness on the East to Selsey bill in the West and in good weather you can even see Brighton. This place is considered one of the most popular in the world for suicides. Per year here give their own life more than 20 people.

6. Swings on the edge of the world in Ecuador
Not everyone will dare to ride on a swing, which is located on the edge of the cliff with a height of 2660 meters above sea level. However, the risk is worth it: only here you can see the unique panorama of the majestic mountains and the Tungurahua volcano, which smokes until nowadays.

5. Mount Roraima

A few dozen mountains with vertical slopes and flat tops is located at the junction of Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana. The Indians called this area “tepui” — “home of the gods.” Mountains are among the oldest in the world, and the highest of them is Roraima — up to 2810 m. It is almost always surrounded by clouds, giving it a mystery that cannot fail to attract adventurers, and admirers of beauty.

4. Aiguille du Midi, or “midday peak”
The mountain is located in the French Haute Savoy, near Chamonix. Only here you can ascend by cable car to a height of 3842 meters above sea level. There is a stunning view of the Mont Blanc and the surrounding mountains, snowy plateau, which does not melt even in summer, and majestic glaciers. Here also begins the longest in the vicinity of Chamonix ski trail — White valley, 22 km away.

3. Victoria Falls

The majestic beauty and power, the roar of tons of water, millions of spatter — all about one of the largest waterfalls in the world. Locals call it “Mosi-Oa-tunya” or “thundering smoke,” and “Cangue” — “place of the rainbow”. Is Victoria falls on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. The plateau, which is rapidly falling water — 108 m. in front of the waterfall there is a single basalt rock, entirely covered with tropical forest.

2. Glass bridge over the chasm in China
In September last year in China’s Hunan province has opened a new glass bridge. It is located in Shiniuzhai the Park and allows tourists to cross a deep chasm on a nearby cliff with a height of 180 m. Length of the bridge affects: 300 m solid structures from two-layer glass. Many visitors of the park pass the nerves when passing over the precipice, and they have to blindfolded.

1. Terrace Unkai in Hokkaido
Most unusual and attractive tourist place on the island of Hokkaido is the Tomamu resort. Here is the “area above the clouds” — terrace Unkai, where every day you can dine overlooking the “fluffy blanket”.
Hot springs in the area and the cold temperature just before dawn creates the possibility for the formation of this unique phenomenon.
Go on a journey, because in the world there are many amazing places to visit!