Top 10 Trendiest Hot Vacation Spots in the World

10. Cuba


Always keep cash on you in a case of an emergency. Credit and debit cards will be less valuable in Cuba. Also, there’s no internet. All internet chores or work should be done before you begin your vacation.
Beyonce and Jay-Z did it. For years, we were unable to visit the heavily cultured land of Cuba. Cuba is known for its hip dancing, deep poetry, and artists of all types. It hasn’t been modernized and taken advantage of by the super rich. It has evolved and isn’t expected to remain in a natural state for long.


9. Jerusalem


Grub on inexpensive food from street vendors.
Worshippers and the like flock to this Holy City. The Temple Mount is a must see but don’t forget the contemporary west end of Jerusalem.


8. Hong Kong


The tram only costs about .30 cents (US) each way!.
Hong Kong breathes modern skyscrapers and unique cuisine. Hong Kong offers lush accommodations and many hip nightclubs and transportation. Only gamble at the more modern casinos, like The Palms. You’ll get more free drinks and a more trendy atmosphere.
Las Vegas is the adult pleasure and amusement park. Though gambling is still a big part of its aura, hip clubs like Tao, Hakkassan, 1Oak, and Hyde Bellagio, host celebrity extravaganzas every weekend.


6. Maldives


Find an all-inclusive package for Maldives to keep your trip as stress-free as possible.
Maldives is the new hot spot for couples. With water-island bungalows that offer romantic privacy, chances are you won’t want to return home. Blue-green crystal-clear waters hold beautiful sea life and historical shipwrecked treasures.


5. Cape Town, South Africa


When renting a ride, choose the company’s unlimited-mileage fee, unless you have arranged plans outside of Cape Town. Cape Town is a booming and prosperous South African city that oozes a trendy art scene. Even more, Cape Town is known for its exquisite dining and District Six Museum.


4. New York City


Sign up for Uber or take the Subway. You will save hundreds of dollars depending on the length of your stay.
They don’t call it “The city that never sleeps” for nothing. NYC is home to bustling streets, shops, blues clubs, nightclubs, art galleries, modeling, and New York Fashion week. With historic sites and so much to do, this trip should be memorable for all the right reasons.


3. Sydney


You don’t have to leave a gratuity in Australia, but if you get exceptional service, it is considered very polite.
The infamous Sydney Opera House is a must-see. Every musician who is anyone has been here. World-renowned dining and posh shops and shopping make this a very hot and trendy vacation to tell your friends about.


2. Barcelona


Apartment rentals are much cheaper than hotels.
Güell Park is for the romantic at heart. Trendy nightclubs like Bling Bling and theOpium Mar Lounge, will expose you to the exciting local scene and help you populate your contact list with some cool new friends.


1. Dubai


Dubai is the top city that celebrities are visiting in 2016. Celebrities like Will Smith, Claudia Schiffer, Tyrese, Jude Law, Nicole Scherzinger, and Rita Ora have all visited Dubai in recent months. Dubai is pure glamour. Soaring skyscrapers, trendy boutiques, and pounding nightclubs make this city the hottest place in the world to visit this year.