Top 7 The Most Unusual Supermodels

These people change the concept of the modern beauty. Their uniqueness is only emphasizes the charm which the models certainly have.


2. The model with the largest hips

Mikel Ruffinelli from Los Angeles has the largest hips in the world with volume of more than 243 cm.

39-year-old Mikel hardly go through doorways and holds two seats on the plane.

Mikel drives a pickup truck, because a simple car seat does not stand her weight, which is more than 180 kilograms, she also needs a strengthened armchair at home. However, Mikel Ruffinelli proud of her figure and is not going to lose weight, although people often laugh at her.


4. The tallest fashion model in the world

34-year-old Eric Irwin, known as Amazon Eve, is the highest model in the world, her height is more than 2 meters.

At the age of 14, Eric’s height was 177 cm, she was above all the classmates and teachers. during the next five years, it increased by 28 cm, and at the age of 19, her growth stopped at 205 cm.

After graduating from acting school, she dreamed of becoming a Hollywood star, but mostly she was invited to the role as aliens or monsters. In 2013, Eric won the role of Shelly Godfrey in «Hemlock Grove» series.


7. A woman suffering from muscular dystrophy works as a model

Jillian Mercado diagnoses with spastic muscular dystrophy and moves only in a wheelchair. However, Jillian signed a contract with one of the top international model agencies IMG Models, which represents such supermodels as Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum and others.


6. 85-year-old model, which is still posing in underwear

In the era of obsession with youth and beauty, Daphne Self is a welcome reminder that youth and beauty are not necessarily closely related.

At the age of 85, she is posing on the podium in the UK; she is a face of advertising companies such brands as D&G, Tata Naka and Michiko Koshino.


5. Cross-eyed model brakes the standards in the world of beauty industry

MOffY is not very similar to a supermodel. Of course, she is young, beautiful, talented and has the correct proportions of the body, but there is one thing that makes her different to other representatives of the fashion industry. MOffY has pronounced squint.

Most women are unable to start their career in model business due to their disability, but in the case of MOffY, her squint was exactly what helped her to succeed in the world of fashion.


3. A woman who works as a male model

Casey Legler is a thirty-five-year-old woman who works as a model exclusively for men’s clothing.

Looking at her razor-sharp cheekbones and high growth it is not difficult to understand why she has recently signed a contract with the prestigious male branch of the Ford Modeling Agency.

Casey began her career in 2012, when her boyfriend, photographer Cass Bird, casually invited her to take part in the role of men in a photo shoot for Muse magazine. Photos were shown to agents Ford Models, and the next day, Casey Legler was asked to sign a contract for the work.


1. 72-year-old men, who won fame teenage model women’s clothing.

In 2012, the pictures of 72-year-old Chinese, dressed in stylish clothes for young women, blew up the Internet after his granddaughter sent them into the large social network in China. Started as a simple joke, it turned into a huge advertising campaign of the largest store.

The first elderly male model Liu Xianping now is representing the youth women’s clothing, which reached the recognition on the Internet. Millions of Internet users like Liu’s confidence, his lean physique and a pair of long skinny legs lens in front of the camera. The important fact is that the store increases its sales 5 times.