Unbelievable Ideally Timed Photos Taken From The Right Angle

The following list includes a series of photos that were taken at exactly the right time, and you’ll be spending a lot more minutes “admiring” these than the regular boring pics. Usually, we let people know when we’re about to take their pictures so that they have some time to prepare. But not in this case! Ok, without further ado, let’s see what we’ve got today.

12 – PDA

We kick this list off with a photo that looks like a perfect case of a PDA. Come on, admit it: that’s what you thought the second you saw it, right? Well, don’t get your hopes up, because even though it looks that way, this pic has nothing to do with PDA. That older guy is taking a nap, while the beautiful girl sitting next to him is just trying to fix herself a nice cup of tea. But yeah, it does look like something entirely different!

11 – A Poke

Another second and that huge hand will poke through that poor guy’s head. At least that’s what it seems like. The guy in the white shirt almost blends with the hand and the background. But in reality, it’s a wallpaper with a stretched out arm, and the fella is simply standing next to it.

10 – The Mannequin That Kicks Ass

In this picture, the dummy is standing on one leg, with the other one resting in the air. And from our angle, it certainly looks like he’s going to give her a nice kick up the butt. Again, it’s all about the point of view: and if the photographer was standing a couple of centimeters to the left or to the right, this wonderful picture would’ve never found its way on our list.

9 – Surrounded By Huge Whales

I wonder how many photos it took to capture this insanely breath-taking moment. We can’t even begin to imagine how those poor folks felt when these gigantic creatures rose above the sea to breath in some of that fresh air. Thank God they’re mammals, right? Otherwise, the people in that boat would’ve turned into their prey. This pic deserves a round of applause!

8 – The Beauty And The Beard

Doesn’t that manly beard look incredibly feminine on the young lady to the right? The biggest question is – did the photographer have this exact image in mind, or was it just a case of being lucky? Regardless, the #5 spot on today’s list is all kinds of awesome and I bet you’ll be staring at it for a while before moving on.

7 – Peeing In Public

See that self-confident fella sitting in the middle with his hands behind his head? And what is he doing in the picture? Wait, did you think he was relieving himself? Nope. It’s just that the fountain in the pond happens to be perfectly-aligned with his position. Come on, no man in his right mind would do that with so many people around!

6 – An Ideal Shape

Nothing to see here: just a woman reading a newspaper. However, once you take a closer look, you’ll see that the big breasts of the girl in the picture fit the woman’s body perfectly. Without a doubt, this is one of the finest photos ever.

5 – Giving Birth To His Partner

Yep, this one’s a bit confusing, to say the least. The couple is busy delivering one of their best performances on stage, but this picture is kinda disturbing. First of all, men can’t give birth. Second, kids don’t usually have makeup on :).

4 – High-Fiving A Giant

Do you also think that this one is fake? Well, it’s not, simply because the power of perfectly-timed pictures is limitless. But just imagine for a second that the huge whale would be so nice to shake the tiny human’s hand: wouldn’t it be totally cool?

3 – It’s All In The Distance

Yes, gigantic women really do walk among us! Wait, no, scratch that: this photo is playing tricks on your mind. The distance between the two ladies is what’s giving you the impression. Because it’s hard to tell how big the distance actually is, the other girl looks like she’s jumping up and down on the palms of the “titan woman”.

2 – Floating Above Water

Even though this guy is in a perfect shape, that does not mean he can walk on water like Jesus Christ. Obviously, the photo was taken a second before hitting the pool. Sure does look like a million bucks though, right?

1 – Hair-A-Tickle

That hair must feel incredibly tickly for the girl in the back. Doesn’t it look like she’s getting ready to “breathe in” the long black hair of her friend? It’s all an illusion, and the picture was taken at exactly the right moment.