These Wedding Photographers Were NOT Expecting This…


Not sure what is creepier. The bride murdering her husband-to-be with a chokehold, or the terrifying humanoid elephant painting exhibit they held their wedding at. That’s definitely not something you come across every day. Where did this couple find such a place?


Beautiful bride enjoying a nice, light, pre-wedding snack.  After being on your wedding diet for months straight to fit into your wedding dress, you’re definitely entitled to enjoy yourself on your big day. She’s definitely ready for the sausage.


The good old tradition of removing the garter.  Nothing wrong with that at all, but I am curious what the dress code was at this wedding with a bridesmaid rocking the turquoise tee shirt in the background. Where’s the class in the world? It’s only the *one* time you’re going to get married.


Top pre-wedding photos usually include the ring, the wedding party getting dressed, pictures with family…. And all the bridesmaids in a bathtub. If there’s anything we can take away from this photo, it’s to request higher ceilings if you’re going to go for a bathroom pic. What’s a wedding without a good bathroom pic?


Before any expensive, long term decision, it’s obviously important to inspect the merchandise beforehand. Not a good sign they all appear to be laughing. Maybe they just know how to have a good time, and we’ve been doing it wrong this whole time!


Kids do the darnedest’ things. This ones curiosity is one for the kill. Lucky, the photographer was able to catch this perfect shot, while the bride seems to have no idea what is going on. What do you think he was looking for? Do you think he got a good look? Next time kid, let’s leave it to the groom.


This is definitely not your average wedding photo. This beautiful couple is so excited for their big day. Lets just hope they can finally move out of their overbearing parent’s house, by the looks on their faces, it doesn’t seem like that’s going to be an easy option. Good luck!


This bride needs to be hired immediately for the next creepy Pixar animation movie. She’d fit the part perfectly. Although found the perfect white dress for her big day, she maybe should have considered getting some whitening toothpaste to go along with it. But it may have been to expensive back in 2007.


Such a picture perfect moment. What the heck is going on here? This groom has his beautiful new wife sitting right next to him, yet he’s obviously craving some attention from what appears to be another woman. How soon is too soon to start cheating on your wife?  The wedding day, at the reception, sitting right next to your wife. #obviously


This is what happens when your mom has too many free drinks at the reception. She’s either reaching for this guys man parts, or she’s desperately holding on before she falls to the ground. Either way… Wedding photo gold!


We all know that every girl wants to catch the bouquet of flowers, in hopes that they’ll be the next in line for marriage. I think we can all agree that we’ve never seen someone SO desperate to be that person, as if their life depended on it. If only there was a second photo of these girls’ boyfriend’s faces at this exact moment. My guess is that they were probably out the door, running for their life.


WTF? I know that’s what you’re thinking too. When the airline loses your tuxedo, but you’re tatted up enough where nobody will notice if you just show up in a man-thong. I’m really confused because it seems as though the bride is very attractive in her picture perfect wedding dress, and the groom has just lost his mind. I think I’m more at a loss for words on this one.


First of all, what designer in their right mind would make dressed like these? They look like life-size barbie dresses. With that food for thought, not sure if these dresses got in a fight with a wood chipper before the wedding, but at least they can use them to go clubbing after the wedding. #squadgoals


How badly do you wish you were at this wedding? The girls clearly needed a minute to get their focus straight, and the attention on them. After all, they need all the male attention they can get if they’re going to be next in line to get married. The guy in the back has the right idea.


Well, well, well… What do we have here? It looks as though the bride may have lost her room way too soon. Let’s have it – “Welcome to the family! Now give your new father in law a kiss….”


When your family loses the key to your chastity belt… you get an epic opportunity like this. Funny thing is, I’m sure the grooms buddies will be giving him a call the next day to make sure he’s still himself. My guess is he’ll be a changed man. ?


Huge respect to this groom for being brave enough to serve his country.  And to his new wife. They look so happy on their wedding day. (Let’s just hope he gets to keep the pants on in their relationship)


Now, this is my kind of wedding. Let’s all admit, any kind of wedding that has a keg in the back, is bound to be a great time. This groom hit the jackpot.  Gorgeous bride who knows how to do a kegstand.  He was definitely right to put a ring on it.


The bride shouldn’t start hitting the open bar until AFTER the ceremony.  The bridesmaids’ face pretty much says it all.